Aren’t you feeling that euphoric while sipping on your favorite caffeine source? It’s you who is actually dampening the effect.

Do you know how many other names caffeine is known by? I have counted at least twenty. And the names range from most complicated chemical names to simply java. Now you must be wondering how come caffeine doesn’t affect me in the morning despite having so much power and popularity.

As its names, the reason why this psychoactive drug doesn’t work on you is also diverse. It can be in your genes, or you simply didn’t have enough sleep last night. …

I was so content with my current tiny investment in Cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin, till last night. When Elon Musk’s Bitcoin U-Turn simply throws me off the edge.

Musk’s Tweet on suspending vehicle purchase using Bitcoin not only struck a bolt on me but also my nitty-gritty crypto asset. No wonder I was enraged to see the price dropping, and my investment is fading away.

However, it took me a while to come to my senses (thanks to my wife for a late-night Coffee) and realize what is actually going on.

Photo by David McBee from Pexels

Let’s Revise Elon Musk’s Twitter Activity from Last Night

The entire Tweet, I am sure, will amaze almost anyone…

Coffee Rings may be annoying for moms’ but medical professionals are finding new ways of treating anemia in it

Photo by Taryn Elliot on Pexels

It is always great to sip on coffee almost any time of the day. You can take a sip and read how color pigments are powering up data servers around the world.

But the rings left by the mugs on the tabletop are not that great a thing to clean. Moms and wives since the introduction of coffee as regular drinks are annoyed with those smudgy circles.

Who knew that those smudgy circles on the table will open up a new horizon in anemia and other blood diseases treatment. A recent study is claiming such conquest of the coffee rings.

Droplets Dried Up to Make the Rings

It’s a secret that only opens to those who recognizes the keys

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My journey as a professional writer started with multiple rejections. No wonder the grudge was there for a long time that holds me back to be myself on the word processor.

Each time I started to write something hundreds of faces were floating in front of me. And I have to satisfy them all with my words. It was more than a nightmare.

However, things changed during the pandemic when I had all the time to reflect on my skills and shortcomings. Believe me, that was a turning point that completely changed my writing style and approach.

And one thing…

Let’s Resolve the Dilemma of Choosing Between Product or Consumer in a Digital Marketing Campaign.

Person holding a cardboard box with food packs for people.
Person holding a cardboard box with food packs for people.
Photo by Gabriel on Unsplash

“Who loves you most, Mom or Dad?” Nothing perplexed me more in my childhood than this simple phrase. Especially, when both were waiting with anticipation.

When you are doing the job of a Content Writer, another simple phrase will make you feel the same. “Whom should you write for, Product or Consumer?” Many long days and tiring nights I have spent just figuring out who should be my priority.

My wife’s observation was “You could have picked a better wedding ring if spent one-tenth of the time.”

Product and Only About Product. Really ?

It’s tempting for any digital marketer to go on and on about the…

A 60,000-year-old Neanderthal gene once made us victorious against viruses, but now it makes us vulnerable to it.

Photo by sgrunden on Pixabay

COVID-19 global pandemic connected many dots that we overlooked before, and one of them is the genetic features of our Neanderthal ancestor. Yes, it’s the DNA from Neanderthals Affects Vulnerability to COVID-19, especially Asians.

A recent study helped physicians worldwide to figure out why some people are more vulnerable to this virus than others? And what Neanderthal gene is responsible for this?

A tiny bacterium from Neanderthal teeth revealed a lot about their diet and lifestyle. But a certain trait of their DNA unavailing a greater danger for us.

Till now, Asia is the most seriously affected continent, followed by…

Tesla is cutting the Power Cost to Down Price it’s Next batch of fully Autonomous Vehicles

Photo by Vlad Tchompalov on Unsplash

Both Musk and Tesla are well-known for their out-of-the-box ideas and innovations. When the world is thinking about the alternative to Lithium-ion batteries, this duo is moving to popularize it by making it more affordable and eco-friendly.

This plan was revealed in the Tesla Battery Day Event.

Sodium cored battery made from Prussian Blue shows a new ray of light in the eco-friendly and energy-efficient power cell sector. However, this innovation will face a severe blow when Tesla’s 20-million fully autonomous vehicles hit the road.

Although the launching date is not yet announced, Musk has made a massive move to…

Picasso and Monet once used it to enlighten the canvases and minds; now it will electrify the servers

Photo by Steve Johnson on Pexels

For the last three decades, Lithium-ion batteries have made electronic devices and even smart cars run with longevity. However, while emphasizing the operation time, Lithium-ion batteries compromise the stability of the device.

This limitation leaves room to seek for alternative technologies. And for the last few years, battery manufacturers had tried with other elements like Zinc, and Vanadium. These elements show a promising result, but there is an issue that was still unsolved or not resolved with satisfaction.

Electrodes in the core of the battery soak up the ions like a sponge during charging and release them while in use…

If you haven’t made any mistake, perhaps you are not creative enough

Mistakes, blunders, errors, faults — these synonyms for mistake go side by side with creativity like an inseparable couple madly in love with each other. If any of them are not there in the journey, creativity will be like a sad and single partner.

When I first thought about creative writing, the initial reaction was:” I will write something phenomenal, something even Hemingway couldn’t think of.” Alas! I was never so wrong. Except for my mom, nobody even cared to scroll over that crap.

Now, when I reflect on my transition as a writer, the most prominent things that surface…

Amount of meat a nation consume tells a lot about its overall economic might

My mother used to say to me “too much meat won’t make you fit”.

It looks like the same does not go with the world economy. It’s not only the defence budget but also meat consumption can be an indicator of a nation’s economic development.

The world is Becoming a Meaty Place

According to FAO, average worldwide meat consumption per capita in 1964/66 was 24.2-kg that hiked up to 41.3 in 2015. Interestingly, the numbers were far below from the average of the industrial and transition countries.

Photo by Ant Rozetsky on Unsplash

Industrial nations used to consume 61.5-kg in 1964/66, and the number rocketed to 95.7 in 2015 and expected to reach…

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